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Full-Service Medical Spa in San Antonio, TX

Welcome to Dolce Beauty and Laser Medical Spa. We are a full-service medical spa in San Antonio, TX. Our goal is to provide our customers with a pleasant and productive experience while assisting them to reach their personal goals. We promise reasonable prices while providing the best products and services in the industry.  Dr. Kalee Salvato's knowledge, experience, caring attitude, and professional attitude, will ensure your satisfaction in seeing the desired results. We provide many services such as, cold sculpting (referred to as cool sculpting), body sculpting (also known as body shaping), laser hair removal, Botox, BioTe, Juvederm, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, POD facelift, carbon laser peel, tattoo removal, multiple vaginal treatments, and many more. 

    For best results and best prices please call 210-686-0505 to schedule Free consultation.  In such short time we were able to satisfy many customers, please give us a chance to make you one of them.  

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